Have You Ever Thought “Man, Team Fortress 2 Could Really Use More Hats!”? I Might Have a Game For You

by Matt Chelenon August 22, 2014
By now, you probably know Organ Trail. Meet its younger sibling, Max Gentlemen.

Shan Gui Review: Ehm…hmm.

by Matt Chelenon August 21, 2014
Ehm...hmm. I was so incredibly sure this was going to turn into something else. Glad I was wrong.
The Sun and Moon - Abstract Ludum Dare Platformer - RGZ

The Sun and Moon: A Free Abstract Platformer with Neat Ideas

by Taylor Whaleyon August 20, 2014
The Sun and Moon is a an abstract platformer currently in development by Daniel Linssen, an indie game developer with some pretty neat ideas. Its basic version is available for playing free on the web or as a download for Windows, with Mac/Linux versions hopefully coming sometime in the near future. The game was made […]

Circlenoid - Abstract Super Hexagon esque arcade game - RGZ

Check out ‘Circlenoid!’, an abstract Hexagon-esque Arcade Game

by Taylor Whaleyon August 20, 2014
Circlenoid is a ‘Super Hexagon’-esque arcade game featuring a solid abstract aesthetic. It’s currently available on GameJolt for download on Windows and Android platforms, with the developer currently working on bringing it to the Google Play store. I have difficulty describing the appeal of Circlenoid, just as I did with my article on Super Hexagon. […]
AMD Solid State Drives | RGZ

AMD Launches Radeon R7 SSDs in Partnership With OCZ

by Taylor Whaleyon August 20, 2014
Earlier this week, AMD launched its Radeon R7 SSD product line, and announced that they would be produced in partnership with enthusiast SSD manufacturer OCZ. The Radeon R7 SSD product line comes as a result of AMD’s goals to compete with Intel, a longtime proponent and manufacturer of solid-state drives. The drives will be available […]

A world of pixel blockiness and clashing blades in the Humble Jumbo Bundle 2

by Taylor Whaleyon August 20, 2014
That’s right folks, just as the title says, there’s a new Humble ‘Jumbo’ Bundle on as of last night, and although they’ve dropped the ball with bundles before, this one’s loaded and gunning for the top spot. This latest ‘Humble Jumbo 2 Bundle’ is packed FULL of fantastic, premium titles, including the likes of gothic-noir […]