Rhythm Thief impressions - A fantastic rhythm game with plenty of spunk - RGZ Report | RGZ

Demo’d: Rhythm Thief & the Emperor’s Treasure Impressions

by Taylor Whaleyon September 1, 2014
Taylor from the RGZ crew dances to the beat of Rhythm Thief & The Emperor's Treasure, a 3DS-exclusive rhythm game with lots of neat elements and awesome, catchy music. Woohoo!
Witch and Hero - A horrid action/rpg not worth playing - RGZ Report | RGZ

Demo’d: Witch and Hero Impressions

by Taylor Whaleyon September 1, 2014
We take a look at a lightweight eShop-only action/rpg with basic gameplay and a pixel-art aesthetic... a fantastic time waster with little to offer. Witch and Hero, ladies and gentlemen.
Yet another 3DS iteration - Nintendo - RGZ Report | RGZ

Yet Another 3DS Model Announced by Nintendo, Touting NFC and Exclusive Games

by Taylor Whaleyon August 31, 2014
That’s right, folks, there’s been yet another iteration of Nintendo’s insanely popular 3DS handheld, or rather, two new iterations. Essentially, they’ve put together some shiny new designs for both their regular 3DS and 3DS XL models, featuring some pretty sweet new features. At the forefront of these new 3DS LL models are the addition of , additional trigger buttons, a new “analogue […]


Get Turned Into A Zombie For Free This Weekend

by Matt Chelenon August 30, 2014
Personally, I really liked the small amount of time I spent in Contagion during its original Early Access run. The spiritual successor to Zombie Panic Source has quite a bit going for it over some similar options.

Teslagrad Due Out On Wii U Next Month

by Matt Chelenon August 30, 2014
Rain Games' critically acclaimed platformer focused around magnetism is coming to Wii U.

GOG Opens up its Catalog to DRM-free Movies

by Taylor Whaleyon August 29, 2014
Good evening ladies and gentlemen! I hope you’re in an excellent mood, because I’ve got some pretty sweet news for you! GOG has recently announced that they will be expanding their famous DRM-free catalog into the movie scene as well, so starting now you’ll be able to browse and purchase DRM-free movies, straight from everybody’s […]