Hatoful Boyfriend Stops Flying Around and Lands Next Month

by Matt Chelenon July 30, 2014
According to a new blog post by Devolver Digital, Mediatonic's upgraded edition of the English version of Hatoful Boyfriend will be out next month.
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IndieGameStand Impressions: Glitchhikers

by Matt Chelenon July 30, 2014
It's night. You travel the open road. The moon is red, its crescent shape glowing beautifully. You are listening to a radio station that is desperately trying to get you to think about the world at large. You are driving. You do not know where to. All you know is that you are driving. Suddenly, you see someone broken down on the side of the road. You turn your head...

Crypt of the Necrodancer Dances Its Way to Steam

by Matt Chelenon July 30, 2014
Last month, I enraged roguelike fans everywhere when I took a look at Crypt of the Necrodancer, reminding them that they could not play it yet. As of today, you can set your anger aside, as that is no longer true. Launched today on Steam, the rather clever, completely unexpected combination of roguelike and rhythm games […]


Mount Your Friends On Steam Now

by Matt Chelenon July 30, 2014
Yes, you read that headline correctly. Now you Steam users, too, can Mount Your Friends.

Cloud Chamber Launch Date Announced, Trailer Released

by Matt Chelenon July 30, 2014
Invesitgate North's Cloud Chamber is a game I have been looking forward to since I first heard of it. The game, which features FMV scenes staring Gethin Anthony of Game of Thrones and Jesper Christensen of Quantum of Solace, intrigued me from the get-go with its promise of collaboratively solving a mystery of murder, music, and astrophysics using a Reddit-like system that is combined with a 3D datascape.

Son of Nor Impressions: Not Quite There Yet

by Matt Chelenon July 28, 2014
I just cannot get over how rough Son of Nor feels. I have played an hour of the game and there is undeniable promise there. I have no doubt of the potential of stillalive studios' Kickstarter-funded action RPG. Despite that, it still has a ways to go yet.