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THQ Responds to Financial Trouble – The Humble THQ Bundle

by on November 29, 2012

Supposedly in response to THQ’s recent financial trouble due to its sales of Darksiders 2 that were below expectations and other recent mishaps, they have partnered with the folks at the Humble Bundle to create their own bundle, which is being called the Humble THQ Bundle. It’s quite an interesting marketing strategy on the side of THQ, as they are mainly an AAA games publisher and as a result this bundle is full of AAA games, the first time AAA games have been included in a Humble Bundle.

Interestingly enough, the bundle is still priced like your typical humble bundle, except it includes solely games from THQ. The bundle includes Darksiders, Metro 2033, Red Faction: Armageddon, Company of Heroes, Company of Heroes Opposing Fronts and Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor. If you beat the average of $5.57 (at the time of writing) then you also get Saint’s Row the Third thrown in, which is quite a nice addition to the bundle if I do say so myself. You also get the soundtracks for all of the games except for Metro 2033, making this bundle a pretty amazing deal considering it works out to less than $1 a game.

As these are games from THQ, it does appear that they are available exclusively on Steam and unfortunately DRM-free versions are simply not available, neither are versions of the games for MAC or Linux, which is quite adverse and may discourage a lot of users from purchasing the bundle at all.

While this may be a bit of an unorthodox approach to selling AAA games by THQ, it is most definitely working, and to their advantage. In about 8 hours since this bundle has been released, they’ve already scored almost 300 000 sales,  amounting to about $1,688,431.60. Obviously not all of the money is going to THQ as some of it is going to the American Red Cross, Child’s Play and some of it is going towards the Humble Tip; However with the default split that they have setup, THQ gets 65% of the profits, 20% goes to the two charities and 15% goes to the Humble Bundle itself, meaning that not including transaction fees and assuming nobody changed the default split at all (highly unlikely) then THQ would have made around $1,097,480.54. That is really just a fake number as we all know that many people do actually change the default split on their purchase and some people give it all to charity, and then of course there’s transaction and processing fees. But still, that doesn’t take away from the fact that this bundle has already been a huge financial success for THQ.

Therefore, based on the evidence and some inference, we can safely speculate that THQ did do this in order to respond to its ongoing financial crisis, and we can conclude that so far it has worked out fantastically for them. I bet that the THQ financial department will have a giddy smile on their face when they see how much money they’ve made from this bundle when it ends twelve days from now, as this is basically just free money for them. Consider this for a second: the newest game in the bundle is Saint’s Row the Third, which came out just over a year ago now. The oldest game in this bundle is Company of Heroes, which was released way back in July of 2007. They’re selling a bundle of their games ranging from a year to five years old, and because of the very attractive price they are racking up a TON of sales.

And that’s still not all, as pure profits aren’t anything. The other thing that they’ve accomplished by doing this is really DRIVING UP the price of their stocks, as shares in THQ jumped (and closed at) 37.96% after the Humble THQ Bundle came out, meaning that investors really love the idea as well. They’ve built up a lot of investor confidence and made a lot of extra money that could potentially pull them out of this dangerous financial position that they’re teetering in at the moment, which is absolutely fantastic for the gaming industry as a whole as THQ publishes fantastic games such as Darksiders II, Saints Row the Third, Warhammer 40k: Space Marine, etc and haven’t jumped on the casual gaming bandwagon as of yet, something I feel that they should feel quite proud of.

Now is a fantastic opportunity to invest in THQ as I predict their shares will continue to rise in price as more and more Humble Bundles are sold as you have to remember, this is simply day 1 of the bundle, there’s still 12 more days to go.


If you wish to purchase this absolutely fantastic bundle, simply use the Humble Bundle widget that I’ve embedded below.

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